Nip & Rip

Surf • wild swim • yoga

Wellness activity days in North Devon

we are lani and amelia

After a run of flat swell during our third year at uni, we dived into the winter craze of cold water dipping.

Nip and Rip was then formed to spread motivation among our community to share this experience with us.

"One of my favourite things to watch is when someone enters the cold water for the first time. Their face drops and immediately they say it is way too cold. 5 minutes later they exit the water with the biggest smile on their face ready to do it all again" – Lani Ashford (Nip&Rip instructor)

what we offer

Our Summer sessions consist of a guided cold water dip, a relaxing Yoga class, a professional Surf lesson, and locally produced refreshments, all in the heart of Woolacombe, North Devon.

"A great experience from start to finish.
I now make cold water dipping a part of my daily routine" - Shae, 18

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